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What is Sleep Paralysis Demon? Is it real?

Unfortunately, there are people who suffer from what is referred to as sleep paralysis demon, a condition that like with many rare diseases is hard to understand. Humankind has been on the Earth for several millennia now, but only recently has our technology and understanding started to unwrap the marvels of the human body and mind are still being unraveled today. However, history has shown us that many of those living centuries ago or longer might have had a better grasp than given credit for at the time. What is true about history is much of it has been lost over time and while the human body has been studied for that amount of time, the mind is still in many ways a mystery.

Understanding more about what goes in the mind is a daunting task and affects people in different ways. Taking a look at the condition known as the sleep paralysis demon, one can find a few documented examples.

For instance, a woman in her late 50’s would go to sleep like any other night, only she would then dream about being unable to move. The problem only gets worse because she believed her husband was entering the room and trying to attack her. During this dream state, she would be helpless to move or cry out during the episode.

The case was documented and according to an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral science the suffering by this individual went on for several years. The effects suffered from this condition known as this trouble takes their toll as the person will suffer from exhaustion due to poor sleeping. Seeking treatment is the best step anyone can take, as in this case, it turned out the person was something from a sleep disorder called sleep paralysis. This effect occurs when someone is sleeping but suffers from the additional effect of feeling immobilized.

During this event, the person can suffer from the effects of hypnagogic hallucinations, including the belief someone is attacking them. the most frequently observed hallucination is a demon, aliens abduction, ghost While the condition is not serious, it can be very disturbing to the individual affected and those around the person.

The question is just why or how does this happen, where someone suffers from this type of sleep disorder. The answer isn’t clear, but researchers believe those suffering from these types of sleep paralyzes are caused by a disturbed rapid eye movement cycle. The events seem to happen to people as they are falling into or coming out of REM sleep. It is during this stage their brain normally paralyzes their muscles anyway, preventing someone from acting out these dreams. The problem with sleep paralysis is that it occurs when the sleeper is awake or half-awake and so is aware they are unable to move.

There is an interesting study that shows that between 25% and 50% of Americans have at one time suffered from sleep paralysis. Further many people who have it suffer from narcolepsy, which causes the person suffering from this condition to fall asleep uncontrollably. There is some evidence that sleep paralysis might be genetic in nature as some sleep experts believe. There are other factors that could be at work including stress and disrupted sleep schedules, such as jet lag or pulling an all-nighter. Additional studies have indicated links between social anxiety or panic disorder.

Because these events can be scary and have happened to humans over possible the course of human history, unorthodox theories have risen. The research into this sleep paralysis shows people in countries as diverse as China, East Africa, Mexico, and the United States have a long-held belief this is caused by demons, witches, or other supernatural creatures. The descriptions given show these creatures to be sitting on the person’s chest and even sometimes trying to have sex. While in-state people also experience hearing noises and the sensation of being dragged out of bed or flying.

The result of this has brought some researchers to believe sleep paralysis is what’s really behind the stories of alien abductions. There are steps that people can take at home to stop the episodes and overcome the frightening effects of this trouble. Start with skipping naps as some people who take naps seem to be more prone to effects. By the same token get as much sleep as possible as those who are sleep deprived tend to enter REM very quickly. Finally, seek out medical care as the effects of sleep paralysis might be linked to other sleep disorders.

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