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Sexomnia: The Sexual Oriented Activity during Sleep

Sexomnia is similar to sleepwalk, the only difference here is, that the person having Sexomnia feels like having Sex and does masturbation during sleep. This person is unaware of such sexual activities done while being awake and has no memory of such an incident. Such a condition comes under a classification of sleep disorders called parasomnias. There have been some cases in which the court has accepted Sexomnia as the reason behind sexual assault or rape.

A person’s diagnosis is proposed through NREM parasomnia arousal. It has been considered a non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM) parasomnia. Sexomnia was considered a humorous joke until this age, but many pieces of evidence have come forward and proved it otherwise. Similar terms used to denote sexomnia are paraphilia, compulsive sexual behavior, nymphomania, hypersexuality etc.

It is normal for a human being to have sexual thoughts and desires, and this is what keeps the human race alive all through these pages. But then some people show deviations to such desires, and they may have various syndromes like sexomnia, necrophilia, pedophilia, exhibitionism, Tourette’s syndrome, voyeurism, etc. According to studies conducted 3-5% of the population is sexomnia. Most often these people have a greater craving for having sex. They give up all worldly needs like food, water, and every other joy of the life, just to fulfill their carnal sexual desires. Most often sexomniacs are formed when their sexual desires are not met with their partner, whereas in other cases the reason for sexomniasim is unknown. There is a great debate going on over the occurrence of sexomnia.

Sexomnia occurs in both sexes, and medical experts are of the opinion that it is a form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disease (OCD). Whereas those opposed to considering Sexomnia as a disease believe it to be completely a behavioral condition that is a result of cultural, social, and experiences or trauma of specific individuals.

There are many self-help groups that help such individuals to recover from this sort of sexual compulsion. One such group is Sexual Compulsive Anonymous (SCA). This group has created a questionnaire of twenty questions to analyze whether an individual is suffering from sexual compulsion or not.

These questions are as follows to know it:

  • Does the person experience remorse, or any form of guilt about sexual activity?
  • Does the person feel sexual drive and activity getting out of control? And when tried to stop such activity the person was unable to do so?
  • Can the person turn down sexual proposition and advancements?
  • Does the person use sex as a medium of escape from anger, anxiety, resentment, guilt etc. and do they disappear when sex is done?
  • Does the person spend excessive time devoted in sexual activity?
  • Is the person neglecting all other relationship with friends, parents and family to be engaged in sexual activity?
  • Do the sexual pursuits interfere with professional development or work environment?
  • Is sexual life secret, a source of shame? And often cover or hide sexual activity by lying?
  • Is the person afraid of sex, or romantic life and sexual relationship?
  • Is the person unable to reach sexual stimuli without any external aids such as pornography, toys, “poppers”, “drugs”, “videos”?
  • Is the person increasingly addicted to giving humiliating, abusive sexual fantasies?
  • Has there been the sexual activity being the reason in an underdeveloped close loving relationship with your partner?
  • Does the person have only one night stands? And the person feels like getting away from partner after the encounter?
  • Does the person normally have sex with only those person whom he doesn’t associate with?
  • Is the person visiting pubs, bars, adult book stores, parks in search of sexual partners?
  • Has the person been arrested or been in a jeopardy because of any sexual activity?
  • Has the person put his health under risk for exposure to sexually transmitted diseases?
  • Has the money that the person is spending on sexual fantasy objects been excessive or strained the financial condition?
  • Have there been people the person trusts, concerned over the person’s sexual activity?
  • Is life seeming meaningless without a sexual or romantic relationship?

If the answer to more than three of the questions by the person is yes, then Sexual Compulsive Anonymous considers the person to have Sexual compulsion or could be having sexomnia during some occasions.

Sexomnia has also been described as a form of somnambulistic sexual behavior, or SBS “sexual behavior in sleep” Sexomnia carries medico-legal significance and is considered chiefly a sleep disorder. Sexomnia is predominantly observable in adults in NREM and this may occur at any time during sleep. The duration of Sexomnia may last as long as 30 minutes and widely varies from person to person. Sexomnia suffering persons may show signs of exceptional violence, walking out of bed during its occurrence.

There could be various triggers for its occurrence in various individuals. The first step to being realized when diagnosed with sexomnia is to seek immediate therapy. This is not a matter of mockery and needs to be taken seriously. It is necessary that an adult human must take an adequate 8 hours of sleep. Sexomnia can occur at any stage of adult life, and treatment must be sought after immediately once such behavior is seen. Since such acts could grow violent and out of control if prolonged.

Since sexomnia is produced by the brain stem, that creates basic urges like eat, sleep, reflex actions. Sexomnia people are completely unaware of being in such a process altogether. And they have no memory of what they have done when been woken up. It is thus the responsibility of the partner to make them realize what their mate is suffering from in a calm and composed manner and then take them to a therapy center as soon as possible. There have been couples who have dealt with such a disease for years and have been successful in keeping the sexomnic drives under control with love, affection, and mutual understanding.

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