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Hypnopompic Hallucinations – Causes, Effects and Best Available Remedies to the Prevailing Problem

It has been heard by many that they get nightmares in sleeping. They suffer from bad thoughts, bad dreams, and many more unexpected problems due to which they suffer from bad sleep. But have you ever heard of getting nightmares after waking up? If no then I will be discussing here the same in detail with you.

Effects Associated with Hypnopompic Hallucinations

Hypnopompic hallucinations refer to the disorder in which the person perceives visual and aural illusions after waking up. They get attributed generally to impairing functions in the frontal lobe. The phenomenon is often referred to as a manifestation of sleeping inertia which results when the brain becomes unable to adjust quickly from the phenomenon of getting awaken from the dreaming state. It seems that the person is still in the state of dream and is not able to become familiar with the natural world. As a result due to which images and sounds from dreams get carried over into the person’s conscious perception.

It has been found that insomnia is the primary cause for the impaired mental function which is associated with these critical hallucinations. One of the primary causes includes drug addiction, depression, and psychological disorders. People who suffer from insomnia are most likely to experience hypnopompic hallucinations. Such type of sleep deprivation may lead to slow mental functioning finally resulting in the frontal lobe’s inability to quickly distinguish vivid dreams from the real world. Apart from this problem, insomniac patients suffer from microsleeps extremely for brief periods regarding unintended sleep. The rapid rate of sleeping can immediately plunge an individual into rapid eye movement in sleep. This level of sleeping is associated with dreaming. A patient suffering from micro sleeping disease usually wakes up after several seconds after reaching the state accelerating through the stages of sleep and unconsciousness too quickly for the process of the brain.

Mental disorders also can have serious hallucinogenic effects waking up. Long time depressions must be cured carefully to avoid such phenomena. Usually, it is a part of the tetrad of narcolepsy which includes:

  • Excessive daytime sleeping
  • Cataplexy
  • Sleep paralysis
  • Abnormal Hallucinations
  • This type of tetrad is rarely seen in children and found in working persons mostly. Some risk
  • factors involved are:
  • It can happen in either day or night.
  • Quite vivid and visual.
  • It holds tendency to be associated with certain HLA phenotypes
  • Prazosin worsens the symptoms ahead

Sleep Paralysis Hallucination – A Big Issue

We cross various stages in our lives which makes our physical and mental stamina to get familiar with them. But some of them are quite abnormal and unexpected changes whose effect remains for a long time. They are also responsible for affecting humans from every corner.

We all sleep to relax and refresh our minds. Sleep paralysis hallucinations are one such condition affecting many guys of different age groups in various stages of life. The problem appears to be a prominent one when the attack is more frequent in nature. But to cure the problem, it is desirable to know the noble cause responsible for its cause. Generally, this sleep hallucination takes place when an individual is suddenly jostled out of sleep when a person is having a dream. The disorientation is followed by the person’s becoming semi-conscious and half asleep at the same time simultaneously. The visions that appear in front are parts of the dream which seem to become a reality in the case of a half-awaken mind. To respond to this type of situation, the body reacts by imposing paralysis. This step is a kick-start measure that is meant for preventing an individual from negative reactions.

To avoid sleep paralysis and hallucinations associated, several avoidance measures can be taken into consideration. Some of them are:

  • Sleeping in a room which is quite and is fairly dark as well as quite.
  • This avoids light and sound interfering with the normal sleep.
  • Following a regular sleeping schedule will be of great assistance in curing this dangerous disease.
  • Staying away from substances like caffeine, alcohol and smoking as they will keep a person awake for a long time. Consuming them just before sleeping will put the person at the risk of sleep paralysis attack.
  • Be sure not to empty your bowels before going to bed.

It is true that the ways of dealing with sleeping paralysis hallucination are quite variable in nature and require detailed study and research. But a random method can be easily adapted and applied. Following a disciplined, systematic schedule and a recommended program will be acting as the best guide for all. In case of serious mental problems affecting sleep, an experienced and professional psychiatrist must be consulted to get rid of the mental problem. A healthy mind is the workshop of a healthy soul and body!

Sleeping Paralysis Ghost – As Dangerous as Nightmares

If you have ever been woken up, convinced, and abducted by the aliens, then it is high time to report that you are suffering from sleeping disorders. Aliens have no power to convince and wake you up or become visible to you. Also having a spooky experience along with a ghostly apparition and to take it considered to be a realistic one, it is high time to consider the same a dream.

Discounting the paranormal and normal dreams momentarily, it is a rare happening case for sleeping paralysis. For a normal person, this kind of event like sleep paralysis ghost happens once or twice in whole life with zero problems at last. However, some people experience his thing quite often and as it is rarely a matter of discussion, hence rarely diagnosed. This finally leads to waking serious conditions like stress, anxiety, and even sometimes PSTD. The sleep paralysis caused due to ghosts has been considered as a condition where there remains to experience some serious effects like REM sleep like muscle atonias, while the person is still conscious to some extent.

This thing gets noticed when anybody is falling asleep or while waking up. It is expected to last for some moment or continue for several minutes and in almost every case as it causes the afflicted to feel a panic response along with extreme anxiety. As the mind and body are stuck in the beginning and end of a REM sleep cycle, people often start describing hallucinations. This is the first experience during this phase. Due to this reason, the condition has been postulated everything from alien abductions to ghostly encounters to sleep paralysis. People have been describing the entire manner associated with strange and out-of-place objects during the situations present during SP. It is nothing more real than a 3 dollar bill.

One of the biggest problems in the proper diagnosis of this condition is that people normally discount the experience as a dream with nightmares respectively. Along with being a fantastical experience, the availability of the real faculties to consider the alternative of having a bad dream. In fact, it is an entirely possible thing that we are dreaming about drowning in a bowl of spaghetti, it may actually have been more than just a simple dream. It may also be a bonafide psychological condition and documented sleep disorder.

A few treatments are available for curing the same and insomnias. They have been considered to be the mirror reflecting insomnia which the doctors are successful in treating and recommending the best available solutions. For instance, Benzodiazepines have been best recognized to lessen the frequency of this tragedy. It will be well advised to visit the local doctor or approach a sleeping clinic to evaluate properly the possibilities of narcolepsy. It is another type of sleep disorder prevalent among many. So should you find yourself floating towards the little gray people in the sky and unable to stop it, keep in mind that you may not be bound for interstellar travel? Instead, you may just be wedged in dealing with the remnants of REM sleep and a process the body has been known to manifest from hours to time. With some pretty average insomnia cures one can struggle the problem but most of them, never let it stop you from getting a good night’s rest! Until and unless there is complete rest, one can easily become prey to this type of sleeping disorder. One must have a relaxed mind and practice meditation to enhance concentration.

Sleep Paralysis Demon Attack by Aliens and Ghosts

If you have been experiencing a situation where you were out on a cold night with a feeling that the entire body is getting paralyzed, then be conscious. You are slowly becoming the prey to sleep paralysis demon attack. You will also have an essentially frozen place in a trance-like state unable to move, speak and breathe properly. While doctors are in deep research to do a great job of defining sleep paralysis from the medical point of view; to really understand the causes responsible occurrence of sleep paralysis, the condition must be viewed from the angle of spiritual perspective. Else it will be best to continue scratching the surface of this problem affecting him and other members. But it must be noted that sleeping paralysis has nothing to do with medicine and science. It is all about spirituality!alien abduction hallucinations

Alien abduction hallucinations

Some Special Types of Remedies

Considering the vital causes of spirituality occurring during sleeping paralysis, it must be considered that the sleep paralysis aliens along with an army of demons will attack in your sleep as the moment is most defenseless. The attack usually results in a trance a state in which a person cannot move, talk and even feel trouble breathing. Some of the most commonly used weapons by the liens include trances like:

  • Fear – Fear is the best weapon used by the aliens in assaulting the saints against God. So the attack at night during sleeping results in making one afraid for going back to sleep.
  • Weariness – In this type of arsenal, weariness is the second type of weapon used by the aliens. By ignoring the strongest individual they easily attack them. If enough sleep is missed during the whole night, it becomes highly effective. The guys as a result become too tired to do many activities in the working hours.
  • Doubt – The ghostly aliens know best how to break up the faith. Hence by attacking during the sleep they emerge victorious in losing the confidence and faith upon God. As a result he feels very much unsafe and unprotected by the God. Finally he turns into a weaker person and a big threat to the kingdom of aliens.
  • Isolation – The main motive of alien attack is to make one’s mind isolated from the rest of the world. It must be noted that isolation is another arsenal reason responsible for alien’s attack against the God. They are very much successful in breaking the faith from God increase the fear. But their weapons were proved to be very much unsuccessful in many cases.

It must be noted that whenever any problem arises, the solution is also made available to sort out the problem. Some of the most effective ways in curing sleep paralysis have been discussed as under:

  • Prayer from inside – One must pray to God for enhancing protection and deliverance from unwanted situations. One must also influence others to pay deeply as well.
  • Growing in God – Growing in God finally results in gaining power to fight away spirits and enemy with full guts. This will also enhance the confidence level.
  • Rebuking the spirits away – One can rebuke unwanted spirits and aliens by taking help from God. One must plead the blood of the Almighty to cast them out of sight and mind.

One can simply assume that God allows one individual to attack the unwanted elements with enough strength. It is high time to gain deeper protection from evil. One can also rebuke those unwanted elements to get rebuked by taking the name of God in every step. It is also necessary to have deep insight and faith in the supernatural power.

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