Sleep Paralysis Stories

Many Stories & Experience of Sleep Paralysis

A state of unawareness when people find themselves unable to do anything before falling asleep or just after waking up is called sleep paralysis. This is one of the very scary experiences for those who need to face it and there are lots of reasons behind that. You might have listed the sleep paralysis stories from people who often call it a state where they cannot define properly. Different people experience different series of activities during sleep and many of them often think that they are not in the real world.

There are many sleep paralysis stories that are very common among those who usually suffer from it. A very large number of people think that they are dead when they wake up and this happens when they cannot move their bodies in any direction. Their mind makes them feel as they were killed last night by someone and now they are in hell.

The most common story is people often realize that someone is sitting on their body when they are sleeping. Many people realize that it’s not human that sits on the body. Few people say it is a bat while some say it’s a ghost. When they wake up and realize that someone is there on their body, it makes them so scary. Those who suffer from sleep paralysis often think that they are not alone in their room when they wake up. It’s their mind that makes them feel that something unusual is present in their room that can cause a danger to their life.  For this reason, few people cannot wake up normally and they often start making a lot of noise when they woke up from bed.

It has been confirmed by a lot of scientific studies that many victims of this disorder lost control of their minds as well when they temporarily come in contact with it. This makes them feel as if they are not normal human beings and their behavior gets changes suddenly. Many of them don’t even recognize their close ones in case they found themselves standing or sitting close to them when they wake up. They often misunderstand them as an intruder who is there to kill them and there are many sleep paralysis stories as per which people attacked their closed ones without warning.

In ancient times people called it a problem associated with diets. According to them, this was the result of not taking proper diets. They also called it a result of consumption of bad wine or wine in excess. Many old people call it a supernatural power that disturbs people because of their bad things and there are people in modern times who still believe that it is true. Another story about sleep paralysis is that it’s a ghost of old generations that disturbs people while sleeping. Many other sleep paralysis stories are there among people who are experiencing this disorder and to know more about them, simply spend some time on the internet.