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Alone and a couple sleeping positions (Pros, Cons, Significance)

Sleep can be said as one of the most important day-to-day activities done by every organism on earth. For humans, it is the process in which humans basically take rest to relax and re-energize themselves from day-to-day activities. In a study, it is noted that we spend about one–third of our lives just sleeping. Sleep is one of the factors that also affect physical and mental health along with overall mood. Mental tiredness is eased with the help of good sleep.

Now, what does good sleep means?

While sleeping, if it is comfortable and has correct positions, then it provides good and sound sleep. Bad mattress, room too much bright light, noise, and eating habits affect good sleep to a wide extent. One of the major factors that affect good sleep is sleeping positions. Even if all the other factors mentioned above are favourable, bad sleep positions can ruin the quality of sleep very much. Hence it is very much important to take sleeping positions for good health.

Wrong sleeping positions can be the reason behind back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, one arm pain, an increase of wrinkles on the body, heartburns, dementia and diabetes, obesity, or an increase in snoring. Sleeping positions regulated blood flow, minimize acid reflux also.

The different sleeping positions:

Following articles reads about different sleeping positions with their advantages as Pros and disadvantages as cons.

On your Back : Sleeping on your back with stomach and face towards upside or ceiling.

Pros: If you love your spine or neck, then this position is best for them. This position minimises acid reflux in the body. For ladies, it minimises breast sagging. If you are sleeping without a pillow, then the neck lays in a neutral position which is best to provide comfort to the neck and spines. Your face is up in the air and therefore it reduces wrinkles and provides relaxation to the face adding a glow to it.

Cons: Surprisingly, this position also has one of the major disadvantages as it increases snoring problems. According to doctors, sleep apnea is caused due to sleeping in this position for which they prescribe side sleeping as treatment.

If you are sleeping on your back with your arms up, then it may cause little pain to the shoulders due to stress. This position is particularly known as starfish. To manage this try to keep arms at sides which are also known to be the best sleeping position.

On your side: Study states that a huge number of people sleep on their sides and even doctors suggest side sleeping on the left.

Pros: One of the major cons of sleeping on the back i.e. snoring is overcome to a greater extent while you are sleeping on your side. It improves blood circulation, eases heartburns, and also improves acid reflux. For women who are expecting or pregnant, doctors suggest sleeping on the left side. It is beneficial for both mother and baby. If you are pregnant and you want to sleep on your side maybe you would like to know the better ways here.

Cons: The other side of the coin showing some of its negativity. Sleeping on the side can cause pain on the shoulders and hip. Along with that, if you are sleeping on your left side, then it can put pressure on your stomach and lungs. It can cause numbness in the arms and may adversely affect muscles and nerves. For skin-conscious people, this position can increase wrinkles and also cause breast sagging. Sleeping on the right side worsen the heartburns and largely affect the internal organs. (such as lungs, liver, stomach, etc)

If you are sleeping on your side with arms out, blood flow is restricted and pressure on nerves increases hence worsening the health condition. To manage this, try to keep arms at your side which may even take care of the curve of the spine.

Sleeping on your side is one of the best sleeping positions.

The girl sleeps on pink bed-clothes

On your stomach: sleeping with your stomach downwards and back towards the ceiling.

Pros: The number of pros listed in this position is very less as it just reduces snoring and in some cases sleep apnea also. It may sometimes improve the digestion process.

Cons: With the huge list of cons, it can be easily said that it is one of the worse sleeping positions among all. It hampers the structure of the spines by flattening its natural curve leading to pain in the lower back. It also causes sprain in the neck and shoulders. Worsen wrinkles on the face and body. For ladies, it is one of the major causes of breast sagging. During pregnancy, it is never advisable to sleep in these positions and may cause extreme problems. If you are sleeping on your stomach and face down, make sure that you have developed a way to breathe even through your pillow.

In a fetal Position: the whole body curled up into the shape of a ball with keens drawn up to stomach and chin tilted down.

Pros: For some people, who are habituated to sleeping in this position, it is one of the most comfortable positions. It just helps to reduce snoring problems.

Cons: This position can cause immense pain in the neck, back, and shoulder. It can restrict deep breathing while sleeping. This position also increases wrinkles and should be avoided during pregnancy.

Sleeping Positions Meanings:

Another set of surprises comes, when you would get to know that these sleeping positions carry some meaning with them. Yes!!! By looking at the posture of sleeping, one can make out the general behaviour and characteristics of that person. Hence the article further reads on sleeping positions meaning.

On Your Back:
If you keep your arms straight at the side which is generally the best position to sleep is also named as ‘solider’ . Then you tend to be very much disciplined, structured, and serious with all your activities. You like to keep yourself organised, planned, and most importantly punctual with whatever you do. You tend to live up to your name and always complete the promises made. Even the expectations from yourself and around you tend to be quite high. Hence being in the best position, also defines the best characteristic of the person.

If you keep your arms upward while sleeping on your back, this position is named ‘starfish’ and is very much uncommon. You carry the importance of your friends in your life and tend to be very much loyal to them. You love hearing and understanding the problems of your friends and seek out solutions to them. Hence you have a large number of good friends in your life.

On your side:
If you keep your arms stretched out in front of you while laying on your sides, this position is named as ‘Yearner’ and is a common posture to sleep for many. This position shows that you are very much open with people even with unknown ones. You may be a little suspicious of few people sometimes. People sleeping in this position are very slow at making decisions but once they take any decision, they tend to stick to it with very little deviation.

If you are sleeping with arms straight by your sides and laying down on sides, this position is named ‘Log’ and is one of the little funny sounding positions. People sleeping in these positions are very much trust. They could be easily tricked sometimes because they are too trusting. They also love socializing, making new and many numbers friends.

On your stomach:
This position is also named ‘Freefall’ sometimes where you lay on your stomach and head turned to either side. People sleeping with this position is said to have very free personality. They have a free spirit and could easily mix up with any kind of people, adjust themselves anywhere and enjoy every moment of life. They sometimes tend to be nervous from the inside and be over-sensitive to something similar to criticism.

In a fetal Position:
This position shows curling of body towards inside forming a ball-like structure which shows that the person carries a very tough exterior but from inside they are very shy and sensitive.

For Couples, Sleeping Positions and Meanings:

After the details on the sleeping position of normal human beings, the article further reads on the various sleeping positions and their characteristics, especially for couples.
Couples mostly sleep together which brings out their personality and the way they are sleeping shows the state of their relationship. Just for a basic example- If any argument has taken place between them, then they would be sleeping wide apart and if everything is normal and sweet then, they would be sleeping very much close to each other.

Few more and detailed couples sleeping positions are:

Sleeping back to back: This is a position where couples do not face each other and sleep facing back to back. If they are not touching their backs, then it not necessarily means that the couple is detached and the relationship is cold. It may also mean that the couple is connected to each other and live their lives as independent individuals. If they are touching their backs then it means that the couple is comfortable and relaxed with each other and carries an intimate relationship.

Sleeping face to face: In this position, couples sleep facing each other on their respective pillows. This helps to have a good conversation between the couple. The couple sleeping in this position generally shares most of their thoughts and have a heart-to-heart talk. This also initiates the desire for intimacy.

If the couple’s legs are intertwined, then it indicates that the couple is very much close to each other and intimate relationship and also sexual activity. They have a love dependence on each other. This position is more prevalent in a newly formed couple who finds it difficult to stay away from each other.

Spooning by male means: Lying close together sideways, front of male and back of female facing each other, aandkeens bent and similar structures where one spoon fit the other one. This position generally demonstrates the protective nature of a male for his partner. It also shows that the relationship is too strong and has sexual intimacy and security in the relationship.

Spooning by female: This is a position where the female is outside covering her man. This shows that the woman takes charge of the relationship and handles the relationship well. This also shows that the woman is a more protective one.

Keeping head on chest: In this position, generally, women prefer to lay their heads on the chest of their man using it as a pillow and the man holding her from the back. This position is not the sleeping position for the complete night and is basically a choice especially after having sex. It represents growing love and romance along with trust between the couple.

Woman Power: In this position, the woman sleeps in a spread manner occupying the maximum space on the bed and the man is curled up somewhere in the side. This indicated that the woman is having a large domain in the relationship and is also dominating in nature. Along with it is also shows that how her partner is okay with it and lets her have her own space.

Man Power: This position is just the opposite of Woman Power. Here, a man sleeps in a spread manner occupying the maximum space on the bed and the woman is curled up somewhere in the side. This indicated that the man is having a large domain in the relationship and is also dominating in nature. This even shows the comfort of a woman with his partner’s nature and how she is okay to be on the sidelines of both bed and relationship.

Most of the couples also feel like holding their hands all the long, no matter which way they sleep, one of the couples sleeping positions. This also indicates closeness and trust between the couples.
Hope the above article was beneficial for you to know the major reason behind your back and neck pain, which of the sleeping positions is best suited for you. Hence, if your sleep positions are not accurate, then is never too late to correct them and change to the best position to sleep. What personality traits are carried by you and your friends or family members or sleeping positions meaning. If you are a couple, how to know the relationship status with your current sleeping posture and what should be the best and correct one.

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